Robert Rosenbaum, EdD, DFC


Dr. Rosenbaum supervises the clinical staff, treats clients, and is involved with the delivery of legal support services.

A pioneer in the field, Dr. Rosenbaum has specialized in the areas of relationship counseling and assessment for over 25 years. His extensive experience in relationship counseling, assessment, and child development has also earned him respect with clients, peers, and the Courts.

He is an acknowledged “expert witness” in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the Federal Courts. Dr. Rosenbaum has also served on the Governor’s Advisory Counsel on Domestic Violence. He is also chair for the Forensic Committee of the New Jersey Psychological Association. In addition to his work in relationship counseling and evaluations for the Court system, Dr. Rosenbaum is trained in mediation and parenting coordination. He is often appointed by the Court in this capacity

Dr. Rosenbaum also helps individuals who experience trauma, bereavement, and post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, life stage transition, and men’s’ issues.

Dr. Rosenbaum is trained in a wide range of complementary therapies including mediation, EMDR, hypnosis, cognitive/behavioral therapy, assertiveness, marital counseling, and traditional counseling skills. This training enables Dr. Rosenbaum to effectively treat individuals, families, couples, and groups.

A recognized lecturer, Dr. Rosenbaum has spoken to several local, state, and national groups including the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, the Institute for Continuing Legal Education, The American Association of Liability Lawyers. He has published articles for the New Jersey Association of Matrimonial Lawyers.

In terms of credentials, Dr. Rosenbaum graduated from Rutgers Graduate School of Education with honors. He is a licensed psychologist both in New Jersey and Hawaii. He holds diplomate status both from the American Academy of Pain Management and from the American College of Certified Forensic Counselors in Clinical Forensic Counseling. He is a member of National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, and is a member of numerous other professional organizations.